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DJ Ceazer

Thursday: Cotton Club / FridaySaturday: Woolshed


Connor Davey a.k.a Ceazer is a local DJ who has only been in the scene for the last 3 years yet is well known around the city of Cairns. He has played at Lyquid Nightlife, Gilligan’s, Pier Bar and of course the greatest club in Cairns, The Woolshed.  Also we cannot forget the gigs he has frequently in Cotton Club.


This little man has made the most of his ability to MC to add another level to his sets by pumping up any crowd that comes through the door. Any day of the week he steps up to the plate and provides the vibes and ensures a good time for everybody!


He is back with a vengeance in the Woolshed after recently taking a hiatus to sort out his studies at JCU and is currently DJing Thursdays in Cotton, Fridays late in the Woolshed and will regularly  be in on Saturday nights at the Woolshed.


You can also catch him behind the bar and also running around town smashing out Promotional duties for the Woolshed as well.


A man of many tricks, this MC/DJ never stops moving and always keeps the party going!