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What people

Esther Adam

Great place. Not many places you can dance on the tables and forms. I loved the guys wet T-shirt competition. It was great to see a Kiwi win it. He had my total support. The security guards are pretty cool too. Reviewed Via Facebook

Deputy Chief Paul Cook – Calgary Police Service

As Executive Sponsor for the 2018 International Association of Women in Police Conference, I would like to express my sincere appreciation for the tremendous service provided by your staff at The Woolshed.  

Lizzie Jay

How have I not reviewed this place! Easily the best night out in cairns... Djs, bartenders, door staff, drinks, venue.. all on point! Love the shed of dreams! See you tonight you crazy beautiful party people!

Reviewed Via Facebook

Carole Brachet

Very good place to enjoy your time in Cairns ! Nice staff and good vibes! Thanks you so much Woolshed for all of this amazing parties! Reviewed Via Facebook